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2 way monitor, stands optional
Was $6999/pair retail, now only $5999/pair retail
6moons.com review
Hi-Fi + review


Magellan is Triangle's state of the art speaker line. From the Duetto monitor up through the Cello and Quatuor floorstanding towers, to the Concerto and Grand Concert, the Magellans are making a statement. See the link to the amazingly good 6moons.com review of the Duetto below. And from Alan Sircom of Hi-Fi +, "The Triangle Magellan Duetto is not your average box loudspeaker. It packs a lot of fun into a reasonably small box that can bring truly reference grade sound in even the smallest room. The most common phrases uttered by those who heard these in the course of the review was “I really like them” and “I could live with these”. Usually followed by a smile and a nod. High praise indeed!" Read the entire review.

3 way floorstander
Was $12,900/pr, now only $11,999

3 way floorstander
$18,899 retail



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