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new Brio
even better! plus a headphone amp
only $1100 retail
Hi-Fi Choice Editor's Choice:
"a stunning value...this one is a cracker"

"It's a cracking brilliant music maker with big tone, big beat, and big ambitions... the Brio is better than it should be. Roy Gandy has done it. Again."
Ken Micallef, Stereophile


Rega Research designs and manufactures all of its products in Great Britain. In addition to being one of the premier turntable and cartridge manufacturers, Rega offers a full line of electronics.

The new Saturn MK3 CD Player/DAC features a high spec transport, dual DACs, and dual coaxial, dual optical and USB 192/24 digital inputs. Plus coaxial and optical digital outputs. Still only $3400 retail.

The new Elicit MK5 105 watt Integrated Amp has just bee released in the US. MM phono, DAC, system remote, preamp output, power amp input plus a refined transparent sound. Hi-Fi Choice Recommended. What Hi-Fi gives it 5 stars, "an excellent choice for those that prioritize sonic performance...one of the best sounding integrated amplifiers at this price." It replaces the previous Elicit-R, and still only $3345

The Elex-R is a What Hi-Fi 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017 and 2018 Award Winner, "An agile, articulate performer that gets to the heart of the music with a fast, agile sound that's rhythmically assured." 75 watts per channel, MM phono, preamp out, remote and a great sound. Only $1875

Aria mk3 Phono Stage. Totally separate phono stages for MM and MC, adjustable capacitive and resistive loading. Only $1695. Analog Planet Gruvy Award winner!

Planar 1, 2 and 3 come standard with new Advanced EBLT drive belt. Planar 6, 8 and 10 come standard with Reference EBLT drive belt.

The Planar 8 is full of new Rega tech which translates into great sound and value: RB880 tonearm, triple layer float glass platter, HPL laminate Tancast 8 plinth, custom matched Neo PSU power supply, newly designed dust cover, and a lot more. All for $3495, or $4945 with Rega's Aphetta 3 MC cartridge, or $4145 with the Rega Ania MC cartridge. "If you are looking for maximum musical intensity for your pound, dollar or euro you will be very hard pressed to find a better turntable at anywhere near this price. I am a Rega RP10 user myself but I’ve been hearing new things on this newcomer at nearly half the price, it truly is a triumph of analogue audio engineering" Jason Kennedy - editor of the ear.net October 2018.

The new Planar 3 with the new RB330 tonearm has an upgraded plinth, new platter and sub-platter, and a lot more. The Planar 3 turntable follows a long and stellar tradition of Planar 3 'tables, each one adding significant upgrades to the previous. WHAT Hi-Fi? PRODUCT OF THE YEAR AWARD 2016 through 2021!

The new Planar 6 has the new RB330 tonearm, Neo PSU upgrade power supply standard, dual layer float glass platter, Polaris Gray ultralight foam core plinth plus more.

The Brio is an amazing integrated amp. The strongest 50 watts we have heard, and a sound that compares to much more expensive amps. Remote and Phono included. A great in What Hi-Fi, "It's the kind of amplifer we want to leave on and play our entire music collection through. Again and again."


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CD Players Turntables

Saturn MK3CD Player/DAC
High spec transport - independent DAC circuit - dual DACs
2x coax, 2x optical and asynchronous 24/192 USB digital in - coax and optical digital out
$3400 retail




Planar 3 'table with RB330 arm
available in Gloss Black, Red and White
WHAT Hi-Fi? PRODUCT OF THE YEAR AWARD 2016 through 2021!
$1125 retail - $1395 with Elys 2 pre mounted cartridge












Planar 6 'table with RB330 arm
Neo PSU upgrade power supply standard
dual layer float glass platter
ultralight foam core plinth
Polaris Gray
double layer glass flywheel platter, dual brace plinth, more
$1895 retail - $2295 w/Exact 2 cartridge


Elicit MK5
105 watt Integrated Amp with Remote
MM phono, DAC, Preamp out, Power Amp in
available in black
What Hi-Fi 5 stars
$3345 retail


75 watt Integrated Amp with Remote
MM phono, Preamp out, 4 line inputs
available in Black
Winner of the WHAT HI-FI 2014-2018 Award for Best stereo amp.
$1875 retail



Planar 8 'table
RB808 tonearm, triple layer float glass platter, HPL laminate Tancast 8 plinth, custom matched Neo PSU, skeletal plinth w/polyolefin foam core, de-coupled outer frame.
$3495 retail - no cartridge
$4945 with new Rega Aphetta 3MC cartridge
$4145 w/Rega Ania MC cartridge






50 watt Integrated Amp with phono, headphone amp, and remote
A great amp for the analogue lover
Most poweful 50 watts we've heard - an amazing integrated!
$1100 retail
Available in Black






Planar 10 'table
RB3000 tonearm, ceramic oxide platter, new PL 10 matched custom power supply, more
$6345 retail
$7895 with new Apheta 3 MC cartridge







Exact 2 MM cartridge
$595 retail
Analog Planet Gruvy Award!


Aria MK3
separate MM and MC Phono Stages
available in black
Analog Planet Gruvy Award!
$1695 retail

Elys 2 MM cartridge
REGA ELYS 2 review Stereophile Class C $$$
$345 retail




Aphetta3 MC cartridge
$2245 retail


Fono MK5 MM moving magnet Phono Stage
$445 retail





Fono Mini A2D MK2 Phono Stage
$195 retail





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