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We sell more JPS Labs power cables than any other brand. Why? Because everyone loves better sound, including Art Dudley of Stereophile. If you haven't read his review of The Digital AC check his review in the April 2003 issue (and his later review of the Aluminata in the April 2007 issue.) The new Digital AC-X has small but noticeable improvements over the Digital AC, and will open up the sound, revealing more inner detail, and give a more liquid, analog and smoother presentation. Steven Plaskin of AudioStream says, "The midrange was clearer and better defined with the Digital AC-X. I have no doubt that better definition and control of the mid bass helped this observation. There was also less hardness and a smoother, more natural high end with the Digital AC-X. The JPS Labs made a positive contribution to the sound of my system, and I have no doubts, it will do the same for yours."

The Analog AC has less filtering and is perfect for analog sources and preamps. The Power AC Lite, or PAC Lite 10 AWG power cord with Wattgate connectors, is almost as good as the Power AC +, which has been replaced by the new PAC Black, a great cable for your amp or power conditioner that allows you to hear increased detail, dynamics and bass performance. You may want to step up to The Kaptovator, a cable that is both powerful and refined, showing stregth and finesse, or the new Kaptovator Lite is ideal for sources and lower powered amps.

Moving right along to JPS interconnects, try the new Superconductor V, the amazing Superconductor 3, the entry level Ultra Conductor 2, or the state of the art Aluminata! Finish it off with JPS speaker cables: Ultra Conductor 2, the new Superconductor V, Superconductor 3, or the top tier very pricey, very good Aluminata. You will realize the benefits of an entire system wired with JPS.

Read the MonoandStereo.com review for more information on the Superconductor V interconnects and speaker cables, and the Kaptovator Lite power cord, and JPS Labs.

JPS Labs Digital AC-X

$749 retail for 2 meter

Even better than the original Digital AC reviewed by Stereophile's Art Dudley.


Stereo Times' Don Shaulis on the JPS Aluminata:

"I did not hear any tonal shift with the addition of the Aluminatas. What I did hear was better definition and music flowing from a black background. My single sentence review of the Aluminatas would be—“They are just so damn quiet”. I have never before experienced such a feeling of music flowing. I swear it was liquid. Reducing noise reveals subtle nuances like never before. I could hear farther into the music. Female vocals had more breath and seduction."

"My Choice for Most Wanted Component 2011!"

NEW! JPS Superconductor V Speaker Cable!
8.5 AWG - Single or bi-wire available
$3999 retail for an 8' pair - call for price


JPS Superconductor V interconnects
$1499 for a 1 meter pair - call for price


"The Superconductor V interconnects were fully capable of extracting the last ounce of information out of music but still delivering the goods in an analog, stressless way that ensured long listening sessions without any listening fatigue. Neutral and transparent across the whole spectrum, with a level of microscopic like insight that goes beyond its price region with ease, all this made for a very inviting sound experience." MonoandStereo.com review.

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Power Cords

The Digital AC-X
The best AC cable for digital applications
Our best selling AC cable
$749 retail - 2 meter - call for price
AudioStream rave review


PAC Black
8 AWG - Wattgate EVO plug
Perfect for Power Amps and from wall to power conditioner
A great fit with Equitech conditioners and many more
$1499 retail for 2 meter - call for price


PAC Lite 10 awg Power Cord
close to the Power AC+
$899 retail for 2 meter- call for price


The Kaptovator
Unleash the potential of your system with this amazing power cord
$2999 retail for 2 meter- call for price


The Analog AC
For Preamps and other analog sources


Kaptovator Lite!
12 awg for DACs, sources and lower powered amps
sweet looks, sweet sound
$1499 retail for 2 meter - call for price
"the music sounded lively and vibrant, full of details that appeared self evident and unforced. The bass was built on a very solid foundation with excellent control, power and extension"
MonoandStereo.com review


Power AC In Wall
Complete the last link
call for price




Aluminata Reference AC
$7999 retail for 2 meter - call for price
Stereophile review
Stereo Times review


Superconductor Q interconnect
sold out


Superconductor 3 interconnect
sold out


Ultra Conductor 2 interconnect
A great budget cable
$899 retail for 1 meter pair - call for price


Speaker Cables

Reference interconnect
$6749 retail for 1 meter pair - call for price
Stereophile review
Stereo Times review


Superconductor Q Bi-Wire
sold out

Superconductor 3 speaker cable
sold out


Ultra Conductor 2 Dual Bi-Wire speaker cable
A truely affordable double bi-wire cable
$999 retail for an 8 foot pair - call for price
also available as the Ultra Conductor 2 speaker cable
$799 retail for an 8 foot pair - call for price


Aluminata Speaker
The Best
Very Expensive
Stereophile review
Stereo Times review


The Superconductor + Single (9 AWG) speaker cable
note: photo is bi-wire
sold out

New Superconductor V speaker cable
now in stock
$3999 retail for an 8 foot pair, single or bi-wire - call for price


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