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new AudioQuest DragonFly RED and BLACK USB DACs
small, cute, and sound great!
RED only $199.95 retail plus Free Priority Mail Shipping - plus JitterBug for $25, less than half price!
BLACK only $99.95 retail plus Free Priority Mail Shipping - plus FREE DragonTail!

DragonFly Red - The Absolute Sound Product of the Year 2016

"With the DragonFly Black and Red, there’s simply no excuse for listening to the compromised DACs and output amplifier built into computers... With the DragonFly, AudioQuest has created a simple and affordable path into the high end for a new generation of listeners, as well as the perfect product for an audiophile’s personal-audio system." The Absolute Sound
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previous reviews:

Hi-Fi + review: "the Audioquest Dragonfly definitely has the ‘wow’ factor."

Stereophile's Computer Audio Component of the Year, and Budget Component of the Year for 2012!
plus Product of the Year Runner-up and Digital Source Component Runner-up

The Absolute Sound review -
"You know what I like more than the sonic improvements? The price: At $149, even the most cash-strapped of music lovers can afford this DAC."

Stereophile review

Robert Harley in the October 2012 TAS, "AudioQuest's $249 DragonFly USB DAC is brilliant in every respect..."

Art Dudley in the October 2012 Stereophile, "I can think of no more recommendable product in digital audio."



AudioQuest Jitterbug
USB jitter, data and power noise filter for better sound

Hi-Fi + Accessory of the Year!
"more authoritative, better controlled, and more natural sounding music and voices"
Hi-Fi + review: "more realism, live sounds more 'live'"
full Hi-Fi + review

AudioStream: "for $49 the AudioQuest JitterBug strikes me as a no-brainer choice for anyone
looking to improve their experience of listening to music over USB."

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only $59.95!


AudioQuest NightHawk Headphones
$599 retail - sold out
new model is NightOwl Carbon - $399 retail - call for price

"My experience with the new AudioQuest Nighthawk headphones ($599) was one of highest points of my CES adventure...The Nighthawks had me choking back tears of musical appreciation." Herb Reichert, Stereophile 2015 CES

Steven Stone's HomeTheaterReview.com review:
"If you are the kind of headphone listener who spends many hours tethered to your cans and, often by the end of the day, you are left with the feeling that your ears are somewhat fried even though you are using high-performance headphones coupled to a high-quality headphone amp, the AudioQuest NightHawk headphones could be a better sonic and ergonomic option."

Hi-Fi + Chris Martens says, "I was struck by the headphone’s warm, vibrant, and I would say ‘organic’ midrange sound...
The NightHawk is technically innovative, beautifully made, and engaging to listen through. Its ergonomic design offers excellent long-term comfort, meaning listeners can wear the headphones for hours on end without a hint of fatigue. At the end of the day, the NightHawk is all about getting the ‘feel’ of the music right—in the process revealing the deep, sumptuous, and at times mysterious qualities of fine music."


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