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Vincent does things a little different: defeatable tone controls on their Integrated Amps and PreAmps, plus metal remotes, preamp outputs, and two sets of speaker binding posts.

The PHO-701 is a Hybrid tube/solid state MM/MC dual chassis phono preamp with a 12AU7 on display.

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SV-237MK 150 watt Class A Hybrid Integrated Amp
on-board DAC with USB, Coax, Optical
defeatable tone controls, pre out, 2 sets binding posts, metal remote - 270 watts into 4 ohms
"The SV-237 is the best amplifier in its price range and is awarded the reference medal by i-fidelity.net."
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CD-S1.2 Tube Hybrid HDCD CD Player/DAC




SP-331 150 watt Hybrid Stereo Amp
replaced by SP-332





PHO-8 Phono Preamp
Dual chassis, MM/MC, adjustable gain & impedance
The Absolute Sound review


hybrid design, dual chassis MM/MC phono preamp




SA-31 Hybrid PreAmp
replaced by SA-32



SA-31MK Tube preamplifier
replaced by SA-32

SP-331MK 150 watt Hybrid Integrated Amp
replaced by SP-332



SA-T7 Top of the Line Tube Preamp/DAC
6 RCA analog inputs, 1 Optical and 1 Coaxial digital inputs
9 Tubes: 4 x CV6189, 4 x 6S3P-EV, 1 x 85A2
defeatable tone controls



SP-T700 150 watt Hybrid Monoblock Amps
Another winner from Vincent!















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