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TRIANGLE New Signature Line includes the Delta and Alpha floorstanding models, the Theta standmount, and the Gamma center. The Signature Delta is " brilliant at conveying the momentum of a piece of music, communicating changes of pace with breathtaking ease... capable of standing toe-to-toe with the very best of the opposition." says What Hi-Fi. And from Hi-Fi Plus, "Triangle has made a loudspeaker that excels in passion and grace and fire...This is a loudspeaker that comes with a bonding process, and once that happens, there’s no turning back." From John Atkinson's September 2014 Stereophile review: "But none of them equals the Triangle Signature Delta in jump factor, and the fact that the Delta achieves this without compromising neutrality—something that almost-40-year-old Wharfedale couldn't do—is indeed commendable. Unless you like your music tame and uninvolving, this is a speaker well worth an audition."

New Esprit EZ line includes the Antal EZ, GAIA EZ, and Australe EZ floorstanders, the Titus EZ and Comete EZ standmounts, and the Voce EZ center and Heyda EZ surrounds. All are available in Piano Black and Gloss White finishes, and Walnut vinyl. The Antal EZ retails for $3200 in Piano Black and Gloss White, and $2750 in Walnut vinyl. The Titus EZ retails for $1250 in Piano Black and Gloss White, and $999 in Walnut vinyl. The Voce EZ retails for $850 in Piano Black and Gloss White, and $650 in Walnut vinyl. By far Triangle's best Esprit speakers ever!

The Antal EX floorstanders are on closeout special. New drivers, a more rigid cabinet design, greater power handling, and even better sound than the previous Esw line. Save!

The Magellan Duetto is an amazing monitor. Read the 6moons.com review. Now only $5999!

DAC-10 DAC/Preamp and DAC-10H with Headphone Amp The Absolute Sound Product of the Year 2015
ST-10 Power Amp The Absolute Sound Product of the Year 2015
IDA-8 Integrated Amp The Absolute Sound Recommended and Golden Ear Award
STA-9 Power Amp
DAC-9 DAC/Preamp
new IDA-32 Integrated Amp
IDA-16 Integrated Amp The Absolute Sound Product of the Year 2016 and Editor's Choice Award 2016
HPA-8 Headphone Amp/Phono Preamp

AMPHION. Highly reviewed Argon3S speakers: read the reviews: Soundstage.com , Son & Image. Plus Argon3LS, and more!

NAIM. New SuperNait 2 on special! plus more!

AUDIENCE makes some of the best reviewed products around. Their Adept Response aR12-TS AC power conditioner isl Stereophile Recommended. Read the Stereophile review here. New are the Au24 SX interconnects and speaker cables. Check out the other great reviews from 6moons.com, The Absolute Sound, Onhifi.com, SoundStage, Positive Feedback, Widescreen and Bound for Sound on their Adept Response power conditioners, speaker cables and interconnects, and the new powerChord SEi.

The Au24SX powerChord was The Absolute Sound's Power Cord of the Year! Check it out!
Click here for The Absolute Sound review on the aR12.
Also from Audience are their aR6 and their aR2p power conditioners.
All conditioners are also available in the new TS models with Teflon Caps. See what the buzz is all about.
New Clair Audient The One v2, and Clair Audient 1 + 1 v2+ no crossover Line Source monitor speakers!

PRO-JECT The Debut Carbon DC has a Carbon fiber arm and Ortofon 2M Red cartridge for only $399. Other 'tables include the 1 Xpression Carbon and Classic, and RPM 1 Carbon, RPM 5 Carbon, 6Perspex SB and RM 10 Carbon.

The Phono Box S2 and Tube Box S2 have adjustable gain and loading. The Tube Box DS is dual mono and has continuously variable dial in loading and variable gain. The new solid state Phono Box DS2 has 3 gain settings, 3 impedence settings, and 4 capacitance settings, all displayed and changed on the front. The new Phono Box RS is a dual mono design with RCA and XLR in and out plus continuously variable dial in loading and variable gain. Plus an entry level Phono Box on special for $79. Take your pick!

Measure IT 2 digital tracking force gauge for under $120.
Acryl It acrylic platter for ProJect and Music Hall 'tables for under $120.
Pro-Ject delivers at prices we like.

REGA's new Brio 2017 integrated amp. High current 50 wpc + MM phono and headphone amp for under $1000.
The Aria MM/MC phono stage has totally separate MM and MC phono preamps inside and adjustible capacitive and resistive loading. $1495 retail. A Gruvy Award from Analog Planet!
The new Elex-R is a 90 watt per channel Integrated Amp with MM phono and under $1700!

The RP10 is Rega's flagship 'table, their best turntable ever. RB2000 tonearm, Rega's best ever, a ceramic platter, skeletal plinth, dual bracing, new DSP custom power supply and much mor, it is already winning high praise, The Absolute Sound's Best Analog Sound (for the money): "The Rega RP10 takes the cake here, for what other turntable package sounds so amazing for the $6495 price tag?"

The Planar 8 and Planar 6 are awesome!

New Planar 3 has the new RB330 tonearm, 24 v motor, plus improved plinth and the double brace. The new Planar 3 turntable follows a long and stellar tradition of Planar 3 'tables, each one adding significant upgrades to the previous. Only $945. Add the Elys2 cartridge for $200, and save $100!

The RP6 with TT PSU power supply included, Black, Red, White or Green gloss finish, cast aluminum sub platter and a two piece glass flywheel platter. Only $1495. $1990 with the Rega Exact 2 cartridge. SAVE $100!

The Rega DAC-R has USB, Coax (2), Toslink (2) inputs plus switchable filters and under $1200!
The Apollo 2017 is a worthy successor to the much acclaimed Apollo-R, even better. A Stereophile Class A Recommended Component!
New Planar 1 entry level table comes complete with the new RB 110 tonearm and a Rega Carbon cartridge.

The Elys 2 cartridge replaces the Elys, and at only $295 gives the performance of the Super Elys, and the Exact 2 improves upon the Exact and remains at $595. The Exact 2 sounds great with the RP3 and RP6 tables.
New Aphetta 2 and Ania MC cartridges.
Remember to support your local Rega dealer.

VINCENT. High quality tube components from this German manufacturer. Their SV-237MK Class A 150 watt Hybrid Integrated Amp replaces the SV-237. The SV-237MK is the same but even better, and adds a full function DAC. It's one heck of an amp. Great looks, premium parts inside and out, great build quality and a fantastic sound!

The SP-332 150 watt Hybrid Stereo Amp, at $1995 is a lot of amp for the money!
The SA-32 Hybrid line Preamp with remote, tone controls and XLR in is only $999.
Check out the SA-31 MK preamp and the SP-331 MK power amp for great values.

The PHO-8 dual chassis MM/MC phono preamp is probably the sleeper in the Vincent line. Large outboard power supply, adjustable gain and loading and well under $400! The Absolute Sound review - "A $400 Miracle"

EQUITECH's Balanced Power Systems improve dynamics, bass & soundstaging, lower the noise floor, and add warmth & detail to your system's sound. See the excellent review of the 2Q in the June 2003 Stereophile. Also available are the 1.5Q, Son of Q, and the Son of Q Sr. The 2Q was a Recommended Component.

a15.3 50 watt Integrated Amp with MM phono, and the c-dac15.3 CD Player/DAC. Both in Black and both only $549 retail!
The ph25.2 Tube Hybrid Headphone Amp with a Tube Preamp, two inputs and two headphone sockets is a steal at $399 retail. Highly reviewed by Stereophile and rated Class B $$$! Now only $299 in silver!
The dac15.3 DAC has USB, Coax and Toslink in, Analog and Digital out, and great sound and looks. Only $549 retail.
Cue it up with the Q-Up! Only $60.
The Music Hall Mat adds detail and improved performance for only $59.
On special!
The Acri-Plat Acrylic Platter is a good upgrade for MMF 2.2 and MMF 5.1 'tables. Only $125 retail. On special!

New turntables include the MMF 2.3 and MMF 2.3LE in high gloss Ferrari Red or the MMF 2.3WH in high gloss white, the MMF 5.3 and MMF 5.3SE with upgraded wood plinth, isolation and upgraded cartridge, the Stereophile Class B $$$ MMF 7.3, probably the best value turntable package available, and the MMF 9.3!
The MMF-11.1 is Music Hall's flagship 'table with 4 plinths, 2 motors, 9cc Evolution tonearm and a lot more.
The new Ikura is a modern, smart-looking, and good sounding 'table, ready to roll with installed Ortofon cartridge.

was The Absolute Sound's Loudspeaker Cable of the Year 2010. 8TC speaker cable and Hero interconnects are long time TAS Editor's Choice Award winners. Kimber's Silver and Copper USB cables are on special. Kimber cables are high value and high performers. When you buy Kimber you know your cables will not become obsolete. More likely you will own a classic.

CREEK's new Evolution 100A Integrated Amp has a preamp output, power amp input, remote, optional phono and tuner modules and many more features. Only $2195 retail.
The new Evolution 100CD/DAC is now here!

EPOS K-1 and K-5 standmount and K-2 and K-3 floorstanding speakers are totally new designs from Epos.

The DirectStream P12, P15 and P20 power conditioners are the best ever. All you have come to expect from PS Audio and more: regenerated power, sine wave, multiwave, clean wave, toch screen operation, Made in USA, and a wole lot more!

DirectStream Memory Player and DirectStream DAC are State of the Art Digital.
DirectStream Junior DAC will save you some $3999.

The PerfectWave AC 5 Power Cables improve on the best selling previous models. Solid Core conductors, and the AC 5 are Single Crystal Copper for further improved performance. On Sale!
Dectet 10 outlet Power Conditioner is hand wired with 5 PowerPorts, has surge, spike and over/under voltage protection and is only $499.

POWER MODULES / BELLES.  New ARIA Integrated Amp is a winner! Our best selling component! Only $1995.
Also available are the ARIA Preamp and ARIA Amp. ARIA monoblocks.
The Soloist 1 Integrated Amp with 125 watts into 8 ohms, and 250 into 4 ohms is an excellent amp choice at $3300. Check out this great review.
Also from David Belles: the SA 100 Stereo Amp, the SA 30 Stereo amp.

JOLIDA's new products include the Fusion 1102 EL84 integrated amp, the Foz XT-R phono crosstalk reduction circuit, and the FX Head Amp.
Fusion DAC/Transport tube CD Player/DAC is Jolida's best ever. White on special.
Fusion Pre for $1500.
JD 9 II tube phono stage delivers high performance for MM and MC cartridges.
JD 5T Tube Preamp with remote has10 dB gain with a tube buffer stage and only $549 retail!
JoLida Integrated amps: the Fusion 3502S, Fusion 6802, and the 1000BRC 100 watt amp. Tubes, remote, XLR input, Preamp output, great sound, affordable quality.

JPS LAB's Digital AC-X adds small but noticeable benefits to the tremendously popular Digital AC. Check Art Dudley's April 2003 Stereophile review of the Digital AC power cord. This cord is a significant upgrade for your CD player or DAC. Hear why this is our best selling cable ever.

The new Kaptovator Lite is a very cool looking cable with brand new Wattgate evo plugs that bridges the gap between the Power AC+ and the Kaptovator. 12 AWG conductors are large enough for most anything, yet primarily designed for lower power gear. Excellent with high resolution audio DAC’s- very quiet and smoothly detailed with a short and sweet break-in time and great sound right out of the nicely made JPS Labs wood box.

The new Superconductor V speaker cable is here. Single or biwire, same price, great sound! New Superconductor V interconnects and digital with quad Alumiloy conductors just released!

The PAC Lite power cord gives the same performance of it's big brother the Power AC+, but with 10 gauge construction. Only $379 retail for 2 meters. New PAC Black power cord is an excellent upgrade for power amps and contitioners, like the Equitech balanced power conditioners.
Also available are the Analog AC for analog sources and preamps.
power cord is a great upgrade for high-end preamps, power amps, DACs and sources. This is one of the best power cords we have heard. JPS makes the best power cords.

JPS has more new cables: Ultraconductor 2 interconnect and speaker replace Ultraconductor, Superconductor 3 replaced Superconductor 2. Joe's cables keep getting better and better. Bass and dynamics have never sounded this good. The Superconductor 3 interconnect is even better than the Super 2 which was, well, Super! Plus, it is more flexible for easier use.
The Superconductor 3 speaker 5 gauge is a Reference cable. Near state of the art at $3399 for an 8 foot pair. Check out the great review on 6moons.com here. The Superconductor 3 interconnects and speaker cables come close to the new Reference Aluminata cables so highly reveiwed in the April 2007 Stereophile.

ANALYSIS PLUS The Big Silver Oval is the latest cable from this measurement and performance driven manufacturer. The Big Silver Oval is an upgraded 9 gauge Silver Oval (12 gauge.) The Silver Oval has been a favorite of ours, and the Big Silver Oval is even better. These are Silver cables that are smooth, clean, detailed and open: never bright or analytical. The Big Silver Oval is a deal at $1671 retail for an 8 foot pair. It is also available as a true double biwire cable.
The new Silver Oval 2 improves upon the Silver Oval.

The new Black Mesh Oval 9 Speaker cable has a new look and a slight increase in copper content, and remains the best cable at its price of $699 retail for an 8 foot pair. The new Black 12 is ther best at its price too, only $245 for an 8 foot pair.
Digital Crystal Solo Crystal Copper Digital cable, and the Green Digital Oval that replaces the highly-reviewed Digital Oval.

The Solo Crystal Oval 8 speaker cable remains our reference copper speaker cable. $2252 retail for an 8 foot pair. Call for our current special.
For cables that simply get out of the way try Analysis Plus.

AUDIOQUEST's Dragonfly Red and Black are here! Only $199 and $99! Stereophile Class B $$$! Giant busters! DragonTail and Jitterbug for more performance.
Niagra 1000 high performance 6 outlet power conditioner.
NightHawk Carbon and NightOwl Carbon headphones.
New interconnects are Chicago, Red River, Mackenzie, Yukon.
Water, Earth, Wind and Fire interconnects with DBS.
HDMI, USB, Coax and Optical cables Forest, Cinnamon, Carbon, Vodka, Coffee and Diamond.
Speaker cables Castle Rock and Aspen with DBS. Plus Rocket 33 and Rocket 44, and Rocket 88 with 72 volt DBS.
AudioQuest has the right cable for every need.


The new DAC3 HGC has 32 bit D/A converters for balanced operation and supports 24/192 PCM and DSD. $2195.
DAC3 DX has XLR inputs.
DAC3L, the HGC without the headphone amp. $1995.

Hautonga 200 watt Integrated amp has a smooth, detailed, warm and engaging sound. MM and MC phono, XLR input, HT Bypass and Preamp output. Impressive metal remote, excellent build quality, and sleek styling.
Inspire 880 80 watt per channel integrated amp with RCA and XLR inputs, MM phono, optical and asynchronous USB digital inputs, and Inspire 980 with added CAT 5/network.
Check the Stereophile review of the SA-103 125 watt Class A amp. Fantastic!
Need some power to drive those speaker to their max performance? The SB-301 MKII 310 watt stereo amp has single ended and balanced inputs and packs quite a punch. Looks fantastic, sounds fantastic. What's not to like? The Absolute Sound review
The only thing better is the SA Reference with 300 watts of raw power, and over 100 watts in Class A.

OPERA's new Quinta SE is a ported design that uses a new carbon fiber mid-bass driver that offers increased clarity and balance. It's getting a lot of attention.
The Mezza monitor and Grand Mezza floorstanding speakers are Opera's entry level speakers that deliver that sleek italian styling and operatic sound.
Seconda SE follows up ther previous highly regarded and reviewed model. New cabinet design and drivers build on the strengths of the previous model. Leather wrapped Cherry, Mahogany, Black lacquer cabinets available. Beauty in sound and design.
New Grand Callas 2014 is a gorgeous floorstander. New Callas 2014 is the matching monitor. Both have the same midrange driver. The Grand Callas adds some grand bass to the Callas's luscious midrange and sweet treble. The Callas and Grand Callas are as beautiful as they are immensely listenable. Opera: a rich, warm, engaging Italian sound in hand-crafted Italian furniture. If you feel your system lacks emotion try an Opera.

UNISON RESEARCH's new Triode 25 fits between the Simply Italy and the S6, the Triode 25 is Class AB that switches between triode (22 watts) and pentode (45 watts). Only $3495! USB DAC for $500 extra.
The Simply Italy single ended EL34 tube amp is Unison's follow up to the widely acclaimed Simply Two. Updated styling, parts and design, while maintaing the magic! Stereophile Class B Recommended Component. And only $2695 retail!
is Stereophile Class A Recommended and Hi-Fi Choice Editor's Choice!
A 35 watt pure Class A single ended ultra linear Integrated Amp with EL34 power tubes is a true high end bargain. A gorgeous amp!
The UNICO PRIMO 85 watt Hybrid Integrated Amp is an excellent value. The same quality you expect from Unison Research!
The new S9 Integrated Tube Amp received an excellent review by Sam Tellig of Stereophile. If finesse, grace, beauty, purity of tone, emotion, low level resolution and being there are your recipe for pleasure be sure to have a listen.

The Preludio is a 14 watt pure Class A single ended ultra linear Integrated Amp with KT88 power tubes. It is gorgeous with wood trim and remote, preamp out and a delicate sound. See and hear why Sam Tellig says in the Jan 07 Stereophile: "It sings. It soars...some of the sweetest midrange and treble I've heard - without obscuring fine detail...I've fallen in love with this thing..." $3995 retail.

PATHOS's new Converto MKII DAC/Preamp/Headphone Amp has digital USB, Coax and Toslink inputs, plus analog inputs and RCA and XLR outputs. Also new is the Aurium hybrid Headphone Amp. Read the InnerFidelity review here
Ethos and Inpol Remix are both hybrid Integrated amps with built-in DACs with USB and Coax digital inputs. The Ethos is 100 watts and the Inpol Remix is 10 watts pure Class A. Standard for Pathos they are drop dead gorgeous with sound to match!
The Classic One mk III has a new volume control, new transformer and new binding posts. Sounds like the mk II, only better. The mk II was Stereophile Class A recommended.
The Logos MKII has a dual mono output stage with 110 watts, a class A balanced tube input stage, 100 step digital volume control, full function remote, and RCA and XLR inputs. See the excellent review in the November 2003 Stereophile and the Class B rating.
The TT Anniversary adds a Balanced input, full function remote, and upgraded volume control to the TT RR.

The BELLARI VP130 tube phono stage replaced the already classic VP129 with a new switching power supply, only $275 retail. Made in the USA. Unbelievable! Check Michael Fremmer's rave review in the February 2006 Stereophile, and the Class B $$$ Recommendation! Great sound, great price. And it looks cool in Red. Call for special pricing on the VP130.

AUDIBLE ILLUSIONS has upgraded to the new Modulus 3B preamplifier with phono and the new L3A line stage. The Modulus 3A reached legend status, with small but significant changes being made along the way. It is the 8th most significant Preamp of all time says The Absolute Sound! The 3B is even better!. The L3A gives you a remote and no phono and delivers the same transparent and dynamic sound of Audible Illusions preamps.

GOLDRING's new Ethos MC cartridge.

LAST Record Care Products. Simply the best. On special!

VIBRAPODS.. Vibrapods are the most affordable isolation available. Do your whole system. Model 3, 4 and 5 on special!



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