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new Inpol Remix MkII integrated amplifier - Hi-Fi + review
$4900 retail with Matte finish - $5300 retail with Lacquer finish - optional DAC card available at $600 retail



Classic One mk III

The Classic One mk III 70 watt integrated amp is even better than the mk II. The mk III has a new volume control, new transformer, and new binding posts. The Classic One looks as good as it sounds. It is open, detailed, & refined, and has amazing tonal purity. See Sam Tellig's excellent review of the Classic One mk II in the November 2003 Stereophile. Hear why he declared it to be "one of the finest-sounding amps I have heard, of any era, from anywhere - including amps costing $20,000 and more." High praise for a $2595 retail integrated. A Stereophile Recommended Component.

Digit CD

The Pathos Digit 24 bit, 192 kHz upsampling, fully balanced Tube CD Player is an Absolute Sound Editor's Choice Award winner. A Class A design, fully balanced with RCA and XLR analog outputs and coaxial digital output. Its sound is smooth and sweet, and without digital nasties. Looks awesome next to the ClassicOne. $3500 retail - call for availability and price


Logos MK II

The Pathos Logos 110 watt Hybrid Integrated Amp is also an Absolute Sound Editor's Choice Award winner, and a Stereophile Recommended Component.. The input stage is a pair of 6922 tubes in a Class A design with no feedback. The output stage is dual mono solid state. Wood and metal remote, RCA and XLR inputs and preamp output. The Logos is a beautiful, high current amp that delivers what its beauty promises. $4700 retail. $5300 with optional DAC. Call for our price.


TT Aniversary

The Pathos TT (formerly Twin towers) took the audio world by storm. This Hybrid Integrated Amp is only 35 watts but very high current and produces a wonderfully powerful and ultimately refined sound due to the INPOL® design: Pathos’ exclusive worldwide patented pure Class A feedback-free circuitry. An obviously stunning design with wood and chrome accents, and wood and metal remote, the TT Aniversary edition typifies the Pathos dedication to art and beauty in sound reproduction. The Anniversary addsa Balanced input and Subwoofer output. $6500 retail.
TT RR available at $5900.
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