Naim SuperNait 2 Special!

80 watt Reference Integrated amp with remote

$5695 retail


Free NACA5 6 foot pair speaker cables - Naim twin bananas (amp) to bananas (speaker)
with purchase of SuperNait 2, or any Naim Amp


new Nait XS 2 Integrated Amp

$3495 retail plus Free Shipping

At 70 Watts per channel, the NAIT XS 2 is more powerful than its NAIT XS predecessor. It also features numerous refinements to enhance its music making still further: ceramic heatsink technology, constant current source drive electronics, a reconfigured internal layout to optimise signal paths and custom manufactured film style capacitors in all audio critical locations.

Constructed in a slimline aluminium enclosure, the NAIT XS 2 provides six analogue inputs and the same innovative Class A headphone amplifier as the SUPERNAIT 2. With any amplifier, however, the proof of its technology is in the listening. The NAIT XS 2 is both powerful and delicate, dynamic and even-handed. It does everything the music asks and delivers everything that a Naim amplifier should.

Read the Hi-Fi + review. Alan Sircon was impressed by the "surprising power delivery in the bass of the Nait XS." We hear it too.

70W (into 8ohms) 100W (into 4ohms)
6 analogue inputs: 4 x DIN/RCA pair, 1 x RCA pair, 1 x DIN (for Naim phono amplifier)
1/4" (6.35mm) headphone output and high-quality Class-A headphone amplifier
Constant current source circuit technique employed (introduced in NAC 552 preamplifier) to provide ultra-quiete drive signals for relays to improve sound quality
Ceramic heat sink isolation for improved sound quality on power and preamp section
Performance upgradable with FlatCap, HiCap or SuperCap power supplies
Custom-designed toroidal transformer with seven separate windings
Powered input for use with StageLine or SuperLine phono stages
USB-mini B for future software upgrades
British build and design



FlatCap XS

$1695 retail plus Free Shipping

The FlatCap XS can provide exceptionally low noise, dual power supplies for two separate Series 5 components; a Nait XS2 and a CD5 XS, or NAC 152 XS and StageLine, for example.

The FlatCap XS transformer has two separate secondary windings to isolate each of the dual supplies from the other. It includes four Naim-tested and selected low-noise regulators to achieve its exceptional performance.




$1995 retail plus Free Shipping

The CD5si name may only differ from its CD5i predecessor by one character, but under the skin there's numerous fundamental improvements and advances - each one aimed at extracting more music and enjoyment from every CD. To begin with, the CD5si digital to analogue converter chip has been upgraded to a Burr Brown PCM1793 - a device very closely related to the one used in the NDX high-end streaming player. The CD5si also benefits from a more stable DAC clock, higher voltage power supply rails, a revised analogue filter design and a brand new CD transport and laser optics. It goes without saying of course that all these changes were driven by our relentless search for engineering reliability, sound quality and audio performance, and the benefit of each change was confirmed after many hours of listening.

However, just as change can bring improvement, there's often nothing wrong with sticking to your guns, so the CD5si retains all of its predecessor’s best features and Naim trademarks. The unique Naim swing-out CD drawer, in-house and industry standard CD transport, laser tracking and digital error correction software, discreet analogue output electronics, and a die-cast, non magnetic enclosure construction that helps ensures the electronics within can extract the most possible music from every CD.

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