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new MMF 7.3


Premium Turntable package with dual plinth, isolated motor,
Carbon fiber arm, Ortofon Bronze cartridge, DC motor,
Piano Black finish

$1595 retail - $1395 retail w/o cartridge
call for prices



If you're looking to maximize your dollars in assembling a high end system Music Hall components and turntables are the ticket.

Music Hall has six new high value MMF turntables: MMF 2.3, MMF 2.3LE, MMF 5.3, MMF 5.3SE, MMF 7.3, MMF 9.3, all with cartridges that are not just add-ons, but offer truly good sound, or you can add your own.

The c-dac15.3 CD Player/DAC and the a15.3 50 watt Integrated Amp are Music Hall's latest giant killers. The c-dac15.3 has USB, Coaxial and Toslink Optical digital inputs, as well as digital and analog outputs.The a15.3 has a MM phono and a headphone jack. Both are only $549 retail! Read the rave Stereophile review. "...the Music Halls brought that same music forward and enveloped me in brilliant sound...Music played through the Music Hall a15.3's phono stage sounded superb—quiet, dynamic, and emotionally compelling."

The ph25.2 Tube Hybrid Headphone Amp combines a tube preamp with solid state power output for the best possible headphone listening. Rated Class B $$$ by Stereophile and only $399 retail!

The Cruise Control 2.0 puts the finishing touch on a great analog rig! Only $399 retail.

Add the Acri-Plat acrylic platter to the MMF 2.2, MMF 5.1 or MMF 5.1SE and many ProJect 'tables for only $125. On Sale!
Finish it off with the Music Hall Mat cork 'table mat for $50. On Sale!




c-dac15.3 CD Player/DAC
USB, Coax, Optical digital in, analog & digital out, remote
Stereophile Recommended Component!
$549 retail - call for price


Versatility, performance, and value are the hallmarks of the c-dac15.3. By combining a fantastic 3-input dac with a great sounding cd player we've designed a one-box solution that will simplify and dramatically improve your digital music experience. Connect it to a computer, Sonos, Apple TV, Airport Express, any digital streaming device, or simply play a cd and you'll be amazed by the improvement in sound. The c-dac15.3 is easy to operate and partners beautifully with our matching a15.3 integrated amp.

24bit/192kHz Burr-Brown PCM 1796 DAC
3 input (optical, coax, usb-b) 24bit/192kHz Wolfson WM8805 DAC
brushed aluminum faceplate
mid-ship mounted vibration damped CD transport
high efficiency toroidal power transformer
gold plated stereo output
coax digital output
plays CD, CD-R/RW
removable power cord
special padded vibration damping feet
voltage switchable
system remote control
easy to view display
black finish

w16.9 x d13.2 x h3.1 in.
12 lbs. pkg.




a15.3 Integrated Amp
MM phono, Pre out, Headphone jack, remote
Stereophile Recommended Component!
$549 retail - call for price


The a15.3 presents a smart alternative to surround sound receivers and all in one systems. It’s the perfect choice for someone looking to assemble their first hi end audio system. Partner it with the matching c-dac15.3 dac cd player and one of our turntables for a great sounding system. Connecting a turntable couldn’t be easier with the built-in moving magnet phono preamp. The amp delivers an impressive 50 watts/channel, which is plenty of power to drive the majority of loudspeakers on the market.

high-current 50 watt/ch amplifier
ultra low noise pre-amplifier section
brushed aluminum face plate
gold plated heavy gauge speaker binding posts
5 x analog stereo gold plated inputs
1 x pre-amp out
moving-magnet phono input
1 x 3.5mm headphone output
1 x 3.5mm front panel line input
special padded vibration damping feet
powerful high-current toroidal power transformer
solid chassis
voltage switchable
removable power cord
system remote control


new MMF 2.3

Great budget turntable package with Music Hall Spirit cartridge, Carbon fiber arm, DC motor, Piano Black finish

$499 retail - call for price



MMF 2.3 in Ferrari Red finish
Great budget turntable package with Music Hall Spirit cartridge,
Carbon fiber arm, DC motor

$549 retail - call for price





new MMF 5.3

Best entry level High End Turntable package available!
Includes Dual plinth, Ortofon 2M Blue cartridge, DC motor,
Piano Black finish

$995 retail - call for price




The Absolute Sound's Andre Jenning's
Axpona 2016 Best Sound (for the money)

Music Hall MMF-5.3SE ’table with Ortofon 2M Bronze cartridge feeding a Creek OBH15mk2 phonostage and Creek Evolution 100A amplifier.

new MMF 5.3SE

Dual plinth, Ortofon Bronze cartridge, Carbon fiber arm,
DC motor, Rosenut wood finish

$1395 retail - call for price




new MMF 7.3


Premium Turntable package with dual plinth, isolated motor,
Carbon fiber arm, Ortofon Bronze cartridge, DC motor,
Piano Black finish

$1595 retail - $1395 retail w/o cartridge
call for prices




new MMF 9.3

Deluxe turntable package with 9 cc carbon fiber tonearm, triple plinth, isolated motor, electronic speed control,
Goldring Eroica LX cartridge ($750 value!)

$2395 retail - $2195 w/o cartridge
call for prices

MMF 11.1
Top of the Line Music Hall 'table
replaced by the 11.3 - $5995 retail - call for price
Enjoy the Music.com review
Fremmer review and follow-up

music hall’s unique quadruple-plinth design w/sorbothane vibration isolation
one-piece Project ‘9cc Evolution’ carbon fiber tonearm
exclusive microprocessor electronic speed controlled dual motor single flywheel drive system
magnetic-levitation adjustable isolation feet
removable acrylic dustcover
lots more!


Factory installed Ortofon 2M Blue MM cartridge
Split plinth - gloss white or piano black
Stereophile review
sold out





dac25.3 DAC
available in silver and black
sold out

* usb input accepts 24bit/96kHz signal
* electro-harmonix 6922 tube single-ended (rca) output
* solid-state differential balanced output
* ti PCM 1796 24bit/192kHz DAC
* ti SRC 4192 asynchronous sample rate converter
* high precision active crystal oscillator master clock
* user selectable 96kHz or 192kHz upsampling
* asynchronous reclocking and anti jitter control system
* 8 x oversampling digital filter
* 4 digital inputs: coax (s/pdif), optical, XLR (AES/EBU), or USB
* 2 gold plated outputs; single ended (RCA), balanced (XLR)
* headphone output with adjustable analog volume control
* large high current oversize r-core power transformer
* thick brushed aluminum fascia and solid chassis
* 110v/220v voltage selectable transformer
* detachable power cord

THD+N: <0.04% Tube out (1KHz)
<0.0015% Balanced out (1KHz)
Output level: 2.0V
Frequency response: 2Hz~20KHz +/-0.2dB
SNR: >110dB
Power dissipation: <30W
Dynamic range: > 120dB (24 bit)
> 96dB (16bit)
Crosstalk: <-110dB
USB input: ..................... supports 24-bit audio at sample rates up to 96kHz
All other inputs: ............... accept 24-bit audio at sample rates up to 192kHz
Operating temperature: 0 ~ 40 C
Headphone output level: 4V max
Headphone output resistance: 0.3 ohm
Power supply: AC115V/60Hz - 230V/50Hz
Dimensions: W x D x H (8.5 x 13.5 x 3.75 in.)
Weight: 10 lbs. packed

ph25.2 Tube Headphone Amp
The Stereophile review
$399 retail - Call for price

Neutrik headphone output sockets
Highly reliable 6N16B tube pre-amp section employing SRPP circuit
CD and AUX input
Pre-Amp output
Audiophile grade CMC RCA sockets ensure no signal loss
Special low-noise R-core power transformer
Two buffered headphone outputs incorporating superior TPA6120 opamps
Precise Alps Type 27 potentiometer with 0.5dB accuracy
Solid and substantial ½in. brushed alloy fascia
Voltage switchable











Music Hall Cruise Control 2.0
electronic speed control with variable pitch
$399 retail - call for price

The quartz lock provides perfect speed control for all music hall turntables, many project models, and any turntable with 120v AC synchronous motor

* nominal speeds 33 and 45 rpm (optional 78 rpm w/pulley)
* quartz oscillator speed stability 0.0001%
* pitch control 20 step/0.1 rpm
* turntable connection 16V/AC (3W power consumption max.)
* 120V/AC (3W power consumption max.)
* outboard power supply 16V/1.000mA AC



Marimba standmount
"the Marimba is an astonishing little speaker...they imaged and soundstaged like krazy" sez Stereophile's Sam Tellig
sold out


Custom designed low-resonance 1 in. silk dome tweeter with neodymium magnet for extended high frequency performance, reduced distortion, and increased power handling
Stiff 5 ¼ in. polypropylene woofer with low-distortion bullet style dust cap and rigid steel chassis
Non-resonant medium density fiberboard cabinet
Extensive internal cross-bracing minimizes cabinet and front baffle vibration
Gold plated binding posts
High purity oxygen-free copper internal wiring
Specially tuned rear port design for extended low frequency response
Optimized voicing for coherent and seamless integration between woofer and tweeter
Curved cabinet to reduce distortion and edge diffraction
Poly-foam insulated enclosure improves midrange and bass performance while reducing cabinet noise
Removable grill
Magnetically shielded

Technical Specifications
Power handling: 75 watts
Frequency Range: 50hz – 35kHz
Impedance: 6 Ohm nominal
Sensitivity: 87dB (1w/1m)
Crossover Frequency: 2.6kHz
Recommended Amplifier: 20 – 75 watts

Physical Specifications
Tweeter: 1" (25mm) silk dome with neodymium magnet
Woofer: 5.25" (133mm) polypropylene cone, steel chassis, shielded
Cabinet: 5/8" (15mm) MDF w/CARB 11 certificate
Dimensions: (6.6w x 8.7d x 11.0h in.) (167 x 221 x 279mm)
Weight: 17.2lbs/pr. (7.8kg)
Weight: 19.8lbs/pr (9kg)
Gross Weight: 19.8lbs/pr (9kg)
Finish: black vinyl only

Goldring cartridges and headphones click here

Bellari VP 130 Tube MM Phono Amp
$275 retail. Now only $195!

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