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GRADO SR125e Headphones - On Special




new GRADO PRESTIGE "e" series Headphones

SR60e - $79 retail
SR80e - $99 retail
SR125e - $150 retail - call for special
SR225e - $200 retail
SR325e - $295 retail - "The musical, detailed sound of the Grados makes them a truly top buy" What Hi-Fi
What Hi-Fi review

new GRADO REFERENCE and STATEMENT "e" series Headphones

RS2e - $495 retail
RS1e - $695 retail

PS500e - $595 retail
GS1000e - $995 retail
PS 1000e - $1695 retail
PS 2000e - $2695 retail - Positive Feedback review " Grado is challenging all state of the art headphone designs with the PS2000e."

In Ear
GR-8e - $299 retail
GR-10e - $399 retail

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Prestige ME+ mono - $150 retail
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GRADO REFERENCE Series 2 Cartridges - 4.0 mV output

Platinum v2 - $350 retail
Sonata v2 - $600 retail
Master v2 - $1000 retail
The Reference v2 - $1500 retail


GRADO STATEMENT Series 2 Cartridges - 1.0 mV output

Platinum v2 - $350 retail
Sonata v2 - $600 retail
Master v2 - $1000 retail
The Reference v2 - $1500 retail
The Statement v2 - $3500 retail
Positive Feedback review:
"The brand new revised and perfected Grado Statement Series 2 cartridge dramatically redefines the cost-versus-value/performance ratio for a phono cartridge. At half to a third of the price of an Anna, Goldfinger, Etna, XV1-T, or a host of other top MC models, the new Statement 2 offers performance equaling or eclipsing most of their virtues. The Statement 2 offers a sense of clarity and realism that is ground-breaking. I have already stepped way out on the analog limb here, so I will leave some oxygen for others to comment – and they surely will."
VPI's Harry Weisfeld on the Statement v2: "The new Grado has the lowest background noise and lack of groove noise I have ever heard...was as smooth and natural as the reel to reel tape. The Grado Statement V-2 is very highly recommended and I could live with it the rest of my life!
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More from GRADO

Headphone Mini Adapter - $15 retail - call for special
Headphone Small Cushions - call for special
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