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Digital Link III DAC

$995 Retail - Now on Special for $575 with Free Shipping!

Available in Silver

PS Audio returns to its roots with the Digital Link III, a sweet sounding 24/96-192 Upsampling DAC with a Balanced output as well as RCA, and USB input as well as coax and toslink. Did we say sweet! So popular it is hard to keep in stock. Reviewed here by The Absolute Sound. On sale for $575, $420 off! Plus save 33% on a digital cable of your choice.


Stereo D to A converter
Optical input
Coaxial input
USB input
24 bit DAC
Front panel select 192kHz
XLR and RCA outputs
192kHz upsamplecircuitry
8 times oversampling filter
Single stage IV converter
Discrete FEToutput stage


Plays just about anything
Upsamples 44kHz to 192kHz
CD, DVD player or computer
Warmest sound DAC ever
Subterranean bass response
Sweet open top end
Fully balanced
Low noise




MM/MC Phono Preamp
100, 500, 1000 & 47k ohms settings
Variable Gain 0 to 68 dB - Balanced and single-ended outputs
Can drive power amp directly
$999 retail - now only $745! - SAVE $250


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