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Concept Turntable

Three flavors to choose from

Concept Table with Concept Tonearm - $1600 retail

Concept Table with Concept Tonearm and $250 Concept v2 MM Cartridge - $1800 retail - save $50

Concept Table with Concept Tonearm and $1000 Concept MC Cartridge - $2400 retail - save $200


Concept MM $250 retail ---- Concept MC $1000 retail

The Absolute Sound 2010 Product of the Year Awards (January 2011, Issue 209) says, "The Clearaudio Concept turntable package does everything but unbox itself. For sheer musical engagement and superb speed stability it's the 'table to beat in this range." — Reviewed by Wayne Garcia, The Absolute Sound, Issue 205

Stereophile review : "The Clearaudio Concept is a winner. It offers great build quality, plug'n'play ease, and is fully upgradable."

A Stereophile Runner-up Budget Component of the Year for 2012




• Made in Germany
• 2 piece 30mm thick Delrin platter
• Polished tempered steel bearing shaft within sintered bronze bushings
• Mirror polished teflon thrust pad
• Belt-driven by a decoupled DC motor
• 33, 45 and 78 rpm at a turn of a dial
• Optional factory mounted and aligned MM or MC phono cartridge




new Concept Wood
Satisfy Black tonearm
aluminum machined sub-platter and rear-mounted fine speed adjustments
Constrained-layer Baltic Birch plinth
$2500 retail - $2700 w/Concept MM cart - $3300 w/Concept MC cart

Concept Wood 'table + Clearaudio Maestro v2 cartridge factory mounted - $3300 - save $500!




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Clearaudio Phono Cartridges are precision products that are held to the most stringent quality control standards. The patented assembly process is based on the newest technical advances. Through this process, we hand select materials that are held to the tightest tolerances. An extremely linear frequency response, and an exceptional dynamic response insure a very uniform soundstage. Clearaudio cartridges are compatible with virtually all tonearms.



Performer v2 Ebony MM
3.3 mV output
$450 retail




Artist v2 Ebony MM
3.6 mV output
$650 retail




Virtuoso v2 Ebony MM
3.6 mV output
$950 retail


Maestro v2 Ebony MM
3.6 mV output
TAS Editor's Choice Winner 2014!
Stereophile & Fremmer Recommended!
$1300 retail

A great combination of "midrange richness, openness, and detail." -Stereophile
"Every audiophile should have this cartridge in their arsenal." -Stereophile
"should be required listening for moving-magnet and moving-coil fans alike.”-The Absolute Sound

Talisman v2 Gold MC
.7 mV output
$2000 retail







Stradivari v2 MC
.7 mV output
$4000 retail






Concerto v2 MC cartridge
.7 mV output
TAS Editor's Choice 2012
$3000 retail


new Performance DC with Satisfy Carbon Fiber tonearm
available in silver or black with silver trim
$3750 retail
Hi Fi +
:"offers a high standard of vinyl record reproduction, is beautifully made, looks great, and is easy to use.
I really liked the clear, open sound and fast-paced bass rhythms served up on its turntable’s platter."

complete Hi-Fi + review

Aluminum sandwich plinth
2-piece height adjustable (for leveling) aluminum feet with anti-resonance damping tips
40mm-thick POM platter with weighted rim
Machined aluminum sub-platter
Inverted Ceramic Magnetic Bearing (CMB)
Decoupled 3-speed DC motor; user fine-adjustable 33, 45, 78 rpm
Verify Carbon Fiber tonearm features a magnetic bearing, carbon fiber armwand, and 1-meter DirectWire cable

Clearaudio Ovation Turntable with Clarify Tonearm

A Stereophile Runner-up Analog Source Component of the Year for 2012
Stereophile review


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