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Benz ACE SL - Red - Low Output
Benz ACE SM - Clear - Medium Output
Benz ACE SH - Blue - High Output


Hi-Fi World review


currently we are not able to get Benz cartridges


The new Benz ACE S offers exceptional performance and is available with 3 different outputs: low at .4 mv, medium at .8 mv and high at 2.5 mv. Soundstaging and imaging is excellent, resolution is equally good, and with a touch of midrange warmth in an otherwise neutral tonal presentation, the ACE S is certainly just that. See Michael Fremmer's excellent review in his June 2009 Stereophile Analog Corner. A Stereophile Class B $$$ Recommended Component.

The Benz Silver and Benz Gold MC cartridges offer exceptional performance and value. The Benz Glider continues to be a Classic. And the Benz Wood Body is oh so sweet!


Benz-Micro Silver and Benz-Micro Gold
Gold is .5 mV output
Silver is 2.0 mV ouptut
Benz-Micro Glider SL
SL is .4 mV, SM is .8 mV, SH is 2.4 mV
Benz-Micro Wood Body SM
SL is .4 mV, SM is .8 mV, SH is 2.4 mV




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