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new 150A Reference v2 Power Amp
a new Amp, and a new lower Price!
$2749 retail. Available in Silver or Black. Shown with Silver faceplate
125 watts per channel into 8 ohms
Positive Feedback review
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A great power amp for under $3000


The new Belles 150A Reference v2 power amp is hand made in the USA, as are all Belles components. Dave Belles has been making great audio components for years and this is one of his best.

From the Positive Feedback review, January/February 2015: "The Reference 150A V2 amplifier offers a remarkable combination of sound quality and power output at a price that is still affordable by the average hobbyist. The mid-range is refined and gracious, while the amplifier is capable of creating a wonderfully layered sound stage. The bass region has undeniable authority, and sets the foundation for all types of music... What I find is amazing is that the pricing structure of the Belles products have held constant over the years, and this amplifier costs no more in real dollars than than its ancestor did in the 1990's. It is not unreasonable to say that David is committed to providing the best sound possible for the price points he chooses to build at, and that his integrity and commitment to his customers is first rate. If you are shopping for an affordable high quality solid-state amplifier, I would strongly suggest putting the Belles 150A Reference V2 on your short list, I do not believe you will be disappointed."

Power Rating -125 watts X 2 into 8 ohms (500 watts mono-block configuration)
250 watts X 2 into 4 ohms

Frequency response -0.2 to 100,000 Hz

Distortion -Less than 0.1% at rated power

Damping factor -Over 1,000

Peak Current -Over 30 amperes

Input Sensitivity -1.4 volts for rated power

Input Impedance -100,000 ohms

Hum and Noise ->100 dB

Gain - 21 voltage ratio or 26.44 dB

Inputs -Unbalanced only (single ended)

Dimensions -17" W x 5.25" H x 13" D

Shipping Weight - 48 lbs

Power Rating -120 VAC, 8.0A fuse (240 VAC optional)

Warranty -5 years



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