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ARIA Integrated Amp
75 wpc, MM phono, remote
available in silver and black
$2295 retail



new ARIA Preamp
remote, available in silver and black
$1495 retail
w/MM phono

"If you want an audiophile’s keeper of a preamp, with the capability to pass through an AV signal, the Aria is the one for you." Doug Schroeder
of Dagogo.com


"There is not a much better single-brand stereo separates setup to be found under $10K. If you desire a clean solution for electronics that will never let you down in terms of performance and will showcase even upper end speakers, the PMI Belles Aria components are a wise choice...
the Aria Preamplifier and Amplifier combo ... will give classic, timeless, gorgeous sound and should last the owner perhaps a lifetime."

Doug Schroeder of Dagogo.com, on the Belles Aria Preamp and Monoblock combination

read the review


new ARIA Monoblock Amps
112 watts per channel
available in silver and black
$2995 retail/pair



David Belles had been making fine audio components for years. Amazingly, each new product sounds better than the previous. His 150A Hot Rod is a classic. As good as the Hot Rod was, the 150A Reference was a major improvement. Now with the ARIA Line, Dave has created amazing sounding components at very affordable prices.
The ARIA 75 watt solid state integrated amp with MM phono is the best amp under $3000 we have heard. Hi-Fi Choice thinks the ARIA Integrated Amp is a winner, "If you love the smooth, liquid delivery of tube amps but wish they had more grunt, listen to the Aria." read the review. The ARIA Preamp with MM phono is a great solid state pre for under $1500. The ARIA power amp and the ARIA monoblock amps are also now available. Great amps. great price.

All Belles products have a 5 year warranty. Made in the USA.



SA-100 Solid State Power Amp

100 watts/channel into 8 ohms - 200 watts/channel into 4 ohms

22S Line Preamp

Soloist 1 Integrated Amp


SA-30 Solid State Class A Power Amp
30 watts Class A into 8 ohms


Soloist 5 Solid State Power Amp
$1249 retail - call for availability


Soloist 3 Line Preamp
sold out
replaced by the new ARIA full size preamp
bigger and better















From T.H.E. Show Newport 2014

Belles Power Modules is a popular choice of amplifier in the UK. Hi-Fi+ in particular is fond of the VT-01 hybrid preamplifier (now in v2 guise at $5,495) and the SA-100 stereo power amplifier at $5,495, but we are also impressed by the little Soloist 1 integrated at $3,395.


Call for prices on all Power Modules products.

For more information about Power Modules products, click here.

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