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Audio Analogue has an excellent reputation for making elegant and refined solid state electronics that sound like quality tube components. They are smooth, warm, musical, and naturally detailed. Their design is understated elegance, and the craftsmanship is exemplary. And now they have some tube components too.

The Composer line includes the Paganini 192/24 REV2.0 upsampling CD Player and the Puccini Settanta REV2.0 Integrated Amp, the Verdi Cento and the new Verdi Cento SE Hybrid Integrated Amps, plus the Rossini VT CD REV2.0 tube CD Player and the Verdi Settanta REV2.0 Hybrid Integrated Amp.

The Maestro line includes the Maestro 192/24 REV2.0 upsampling CD Player and the Maestro Settanta REV2.0 Integrated Amp.

The Primo line includes the Primo CD and the Primo Settanta 70 watt Integrated Amp, the Primo VT Tuner, a tube FM/AM tuner, and the Primo Cento VT 100 watt Hybrid Integrated Amp.
The Enigma REV2.0 CD/Tuner/Hybrid 50 watt Integrated Amp is a tube hi end one box system.

The new Armonia line includes the new Fortissimo 100 watt Integrated Amp with on board DAC and MM/MC phono, the Crescendo CD Player, the Crescendo Integrated Amp, and the Crescendo Tuner.

Audio Analogue has the right component for you. Please call for information and prices on these fine electronics.



Crescendo Integrated Amp - available in silver and black
Stereophile Recommended Component
Cerscendo CD Player - available in silver and black
Stereophile Class B Recommended Component!

AUDIO ANALOGUE’s new Crescendo Integrated Amp and Crescendo CD Player deliver that famous Audio Analogue sound: smooth, warm, refined - like tubes without the work. The design is elegant-unheard of at their price. The Crescendo reminds us of the Puccini SE, their classic amp from the past, with modern features like an mp3 input on the front, balance and a home theater bypass. 50 watts into 8 ohms, 80 watts into 4 ohms. Read the excellent review in Sam's Space in the October 2010 Stereophile. The Crescendo Integrated Amp and Crescendo CD player are both Stereophile Recommended Components. Order yours today.


check Sam Tellig's review in the October 2010 Stereophile





Verdi Settanta REV2.0
Hybrid 70 watt Integrated Amp


Verdi Cento 100 watt Hybrid Integrated Amp
Vacuum Tube Pre-Amp stage, MM/MC phono stage, Pre-Amp output

Verdi Cento SE! even better than the Verdi Cento

Rossini CD VT REV2.0
Tube CD Player
new Fortissimo 100 watt Integrated Amp
on board DAC, MM/MC phono stage, Home Theater bypass, more


Maestro 192/24 REV2.0
Upsampling CD Player

Puccini Settanta REV2.0 Integrated Amp

Paganini 192/24 REV2.0 Upsampling CD Player

Maestro Settanta REV2.0
High Current Integrated Amp

Enigma REV2.0
High End Tube All In One
available in silver and black



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