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Analysis Plus is a measurement and performance driven cable manufacturer. Their hollow oval geometry cables measure and sound better than round cables. Their speaker cables are the best you can get for the money: very neutral, almost like no cable at all. The Black Mesh Oval 9 and Black Oval 12 are the most current versions of these advanced cable designs, and at $699 and $245 respectively for an 8 foot pair, are impossible to beat. Both are also available as a true double biwire cable.
The Big Silver Oval is their latest silver cable. Neil Gader of The Absolute Sound says, "The Analysis Plus Big Silver Oval is the kind of wire that touches all the areas that matter to me...I’ve never heard a better cable near this price. " The BSO is a wire that gets out of the way. The Silver Oval has long been a favorite of ours, and the Big Silver Oval is even better. And now there is the new Silver Oval 2, with small but noticeable improvements over the Silver Oval. Analysis Plus silver cables are smooth, clean, detailed and open: never bright or analytical. Both are also available as double biwire cables.
The Solo Crystal Oval 8 is a reference copper speaker cable and will allow your system to sound its very best.
The Clear Oval and the new Blue Oval are great budget speaker cables that don't sound like budget cables.

Analysis Plus makes great interconnects too. The Silver Oval-In matches the Silver Oval speaker cable with the best that silver can give you: pure, grain free sound. The Solo Crystal Oval is an excellent copper interconnect, and the Copper Oval-In is almost as good. The Oval One is as good as it gets for under $100. And the Sub Oval is a great cable for your sub.

Need a digital cable? Look no further than the new Green Digital Oval, a reference coaxial digital cable, replacing the Digital Oval reviewed by Sam Tellig in the October 2008 Stereophile: "I heard more silence...I heard improved dynamics, more low-level detail. I experienced a greater sense of listening ease...The Analysis Plus Digital Oval becomes my reference digital cable." The Green Digital Oval is even better! And the new Digital Crystal is the best!

Analysis Plus has three Power Cords: the Power Oval 2, the Power Oval Ten, and the Power Oval 14. All excellent and great values.

The new Purple Plus USB is a good upgrade for a generic USB cable. Avaiable in 1.0, 1.5 and 2.0 meters.

For cables that simply get out of the way try Analysis Plus.


new Black Mesh Oval 9
the latest and greatest from Analysis Plus
$699 retail for an 8' pair


Speaker Cables
Black Oval 12
The best entry level speaker cable
$245 retail for an 8' pair - Call for price
Black Mesh Oval 9
The best value speaker cable around
$699 retail for an 8' pair - Call for Price

Solo Crystal Oval 8
One of the best!
$2252 retail for an 8' pair, $2287 for biwire - Call for price

Clear Oval
A great budget cable
$119 retail for an 8' pair - Call for price
new Silver Oval 2
A cable with only the best qualities that silver can give
$1004 retail for an 8' pair - Call for price
Big Silver Oval
Even better than the Silver Oval
Check the rave TAS review here
and the 6moons.com review
TAS: "The Big Silver Oval is a speaker cable that brims
with resolution and dynamic life."
$1671 retail for an 8' pair - Call for price

Chocolate Oval 12/2
Budget speaker cable from Analysis Plus
$143 retail for an 8' pair - Call for price
note: cable is brown


Replace your factory jumpers & hear the difference
$95 for Oval 12 / $189 for Oval 9 - Call for price


Interconnects - Analog

Silver Oval-In
Excellent silver Interconnect
$875 retail for a 1.0 m pair - Call for price
The Absolute Sound:
"a breathtaking level of micro-dynamic nuance...very low noise-floor"

Copper Oval-In
Neutral copper Interconnect
$315 for a 1.0 m pair - Call for price
Oval One
Great budget copper Interconnect
$99 for a 1.0 m pair / $84 for 0.5 m - Call for price
Solo Crystal Oval
One of the best copper Interconnects
$550 for a 1.0 m pair - Call for price
new Chocolate Oval-In
New budget interconnect
$169 for a 1.0 m pair - Call for price
note: cable is brown
Sub Oval
Power that sub
$99 retail for 2.5 meter - Call for price

Digital and HDMI cables

new Green Digital Oval
One of the best! - Stereophile favorite
$199 retail for 1.0 meter - Call for price
new Digital Crystal
Flagship Digital cable
$290 retail for 1.0 m - call for price

Power Cords

Power Oval 2
the Best from Analysis Plus
$410 retail for 4 foot - Call for price & other lengths
Power Oval Ten
10 gauge Power Cord
$249 retail for 4 foot - Call for price & other lengths
Power Oval 14
14 gauge Power Cord
Power Oval Ten with 4 Box
$349 retail with 4 foot cord - Call for price



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