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High quality tube components from this German manufacturer include the new SV-237MKClass A 150 watt Hybrid Integrated amp with on-board DAC. The SV-237MK replaces the very highly reviewed SV-236 MK Hybrid Integrated Amp, our most popular integrated amp in a long time. An upgraded design for even better performance, plus a USB DAC.
Vincent does things a little different: defeatable tone controls on their SV-237MK and their other Integrated Amps and PreAmps, and HDCD and variable outputs on many of their CD Players, including the new CD-S1.2. The SV-237MK also has a metal remote, preamp output, and two sets of speaker binding posts. At 42 pounds the SV-237MK is a big amp with a big sound and plenty of finesse. From the
i-fidelity.net review: "The Vincent SV-237 is the only amplifier in its price range with nothing to complain about soundwise or with any loudspeakers. It unfolds an astonishing spaciousness, follows every howsoever small or big dynamic jump with no delay and shows off voices and natural instruments in an unaffected manner." by Hans-Ulrich Fessler.
Robert Harley of The Absolute Sound said the SV-236MKwas the greatest value at CES 2006, and Barry Willis of TAS said in his glowing review, "A beauty...a winner..." and was impressed by "its sheer effortless power and musicality."
Michael Fremer's rave review in the April 2009 Stereophile. "The Vincent SV-236 MK brings real high performance sound to the real-world audio enthusiast at a real-world price." A Stereophile Recommended Component.

The new PHO-701 is a Hybrid tube/solid state MM/MC dual chassis phono preamp with a 12AU7 on display.

The SP-331 was The Absolute Sound's Editor's Choice Award winner for 2008, and their Amplifier of the Year 2007! The companion SA-31 Hybrid Preamp was also an Absolute Sound's Editor's Choice winner for 2008, and is only $699. Why change success!
The upgraded SP-331MK and SA-31MK are also TAS favorites. Check the review. The SP331MK is biased into Class A and the SA-31MK has a remote. A nice pair!

The PHO-8 dual chassis MM/MC phono preamp is the sleeper in the Vincent line. For under $400 you get adjustable gain and impedance and a matching outboard power supply. No wall wart here. Maybe that's why it sounds so good. Hear why The Absolute Sound calls it "A $400 Miracle."

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new SV-237MK 150 watt Class A Hybrid Integrated Amp
on-board DAC with USB, Coax, Optical
defeatable tone controls, pre out, 2 sets binding posts, metal remote - 270 watts into 4 ohms
"The SV-237 is the best amplifier in its price range and is awarded the reference medal by i-fidelity.net."
full review
$2600 retail - now only $2395
silver or black - metal remote


CD-S1.2 Tube Hybrid HDCD CD Player/DAC
Coax, USB, Toslink digital in - Coax digital out
Headphone Amp - RCA, XLR analog out
available in silver and black



SP-331 150 watt Hybrid Stereo Amp
A + B speaker outputs, 300 watts into 4 ohms
The Absolute Sound Editor's Choice Award 2008
The Absolute Sound's Amplifier of the Year 2007!
$1600 retail - now only $1395





PHO-8 Phono Preamp
Dual chassis, MM/MC, adjustable gain & impedance
The Absolute Sound review
$450 retail

now available - PHO-701
hybrid design, dual chassis MM/MC phono preamp
$800 retail



SA-31 Hybrid PreAmp
defeatable tone controls, 2 sets of outputs
$750 retail - now only $699 plus Free Shipping
The Absolute Sound Editor's Choice Award 2008



SA-31MK Tube preamplifier
upgraded SA-31 with remote
Read The Absolute Sound review review
$1850 retail - now only $1595

SP-331MK 150 watt Hybrid Integrated Amp
upgraded SP-331 with Class A biasing, A + B speaker select
Read The Absolute Sound review review
$2750 retail - now only $2495



SA-T7 Top of the Line Tube Preamp/DAC
6 RCA analog inputs, 1 Optical and 1 Coaxial digital inputs
9 Tubes: 4 x CV6189, 4 x 6S3P-EV, 1 x 85A2
defeatable tone controls
$2750 retail - now only $2499



SP-T700 150 watt Hybrid Monoblock Amps
Another winner from Vincent!
$2750/each retail - now only $2499/each















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