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Belles ARIA integrated
our best seller! hear why
"The Aria arrived and has been installed. My reaction is quite simply ......Wow!! Right out of the box it grabbed and held my attention unlike any new component I can remember. " Bill in WV

now available at AudioWaves


Triangle Signature Delta
Stereophile Class A!

Audible Illusions Modulus 3A
The Absolute Sound's
8th Most Significant Preamp of all time
Now the Modulus 3B, and even better!
or try the new L3B:
"one of the most sonically persuasive line preamps on the market and one of the best I've auditioned over the years at any price." Dick Olsher, The Absolute Sound

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The Absolute Sound Editor's Choice Award & Products of the Year available at AudioWaves

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"The CI Audio units are so small and sound so big, I'm truly impressed."
specials on D-200 and D-500 monoblock amps

CI Audio D-500 MK II monoblock special

About Us

AudioWaves has been specializing in 2 channel audio since 1995, finding the best value, high performance audio products, and offering them to you at the best prices, with service second to none.

new JoLida FX Tube DAC DSD - our best selling DAC!
also available with Wi-Fi

Personal Touch

Located in the coastal city of Trinidad in Northern California, we offer the personal touch that is hard to find today. We also offer
free shipping on most orders over $60 to the lower 48. We can ship anywhere.

"Thanks to you for the great prices, prompt service, lightning fast shipping,
5 stars as always," Alex in Hawaii.

"Alan, thank you so much for the quick response. As always, you rock," Jorge in California.

I'm quite impressed with the amp. It's everything I'd hoped for. I literally get goose bumps when listening to it. Thanks very much for the excellent service and advice. Bill in ID

"Thank you very much. YOU ROCK!" Ronnie in Oklahoma

"The delivery time from your location to me is UNBELIEVABLE!! Why would anyone buy gear from ANYONE else!" Bob in TN

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We guarantee our products and our service
to be to your satisfaction. Return Policy

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email: info@audiowaveshifi.com

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email: info@audiowaveshifi.com

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